November 28, 2018

Yoga Picture Competition 2018

A Wellness event conducted for better health of families

The fragrance of good health is in the air. This is again that time of year when all the health conscious people feel more alive and their routine health practices become talk of the town through various event related to International Yoga Day. Delhi based Strategic Bond Management Consultants LLP in association with Nishthayog team has organized lectures on yog, naturopathy and other health modalities along with a yoga contest involving kids (3 to 17 years) to commemorate the spirit of International Yoga Day and Nishthayog Day on June 23rd, 2018 (Saturday) at Bhai Veer Singh Sahitya Sadan, Gole Market, Delhi. This event was conceptualized by Sanjeev Bhakhri, a veteran in field of events and marketing related to health, wellness and spirituality.
The concept of this yoga event was initiated virtually last year through a social media activity wherein kids were asked to submit their yoga poses and winners were selected by experts on the basis of correctness of yoga pose and its description. This year it shaped into a full-fledged on ground event in Delhi. The event witnessed participants of all ages attending lectures and kids performing yoga along with enjoying fun activities. The initiative was a good mix of virtual cum real events and that is very well accepted and praised equally by participants and masses.
The main speakers at the event were Prof Ashwani Agarwal, Dr. Rajesh Batra, Yog Guru Suneel Singh, Dr. Jyoti Nanda, Mr. Praveen Gaur and Mr. Ashok Bansal. Girls topped the Yoga Competition, Ms. Jasmin Kaur won in senior category and Ms. Aanya won among the junior category. Winners were gifted with travel bags and aloe veera candies and there was arrangement of some healthy refreshments for kids. The organizers uses plants as green gifts to greet the guests and speakers instead of using flower bouquets, is unique part of these wellness events and there were amla, trifla, aloe veera juices, organic gurd (Jaggery) and other such natural products to promote as gifts for main participants.
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