September 8, 2016

Holistic Insight Forum


As the term suggests, holistic means incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, in theory or practice, and insight is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person, thing or idea.

Holistic Insight means a wholesome & compassionate view towards anything. It denotes an approach of wellness, mutual gain & growth for our mind, body, soul and karma”

Holistic Insight Forum is formulated to create an interactive platform for people from all walks of life to seek wellness, create wellness and spread wellness in everything they experience or create.

Our main objective is to create opportunities for interaction, discussion & learning, involving, established and emerging achievers in wellness industry & other fields (authors, poets, doctors, healers, corporate trainers, educators, social workers, psychic guides etc) in the targeted region and updating people in their region about relevant concepts, activities & plans.

We would like to dedicate our substantial efforts for promotion of art, festivals, education, holistic lifestyle, wellness services, health products or anything to match the idea of Holistic Insight (mutual gain & growth for all).  So, this is the platform for interaction between artists, educators, motivational speakers, vocational trainers, teachers, healers & other individuals working towards betterment of mankind.

We welcome your suggestions, updates and plans to work on projects that denote compassion, passion, concern for humanity & holistic growth of mankind. We would like to support & promote the events & activities of our associates, clients and registered members, through the available media & event platforms and expect all the likeminded people (with Holistic Insight) to heartily participate  & support our endeavors. We welcome you to take an active role by contributing your articles, updates, suggestions & feedback on our website and social media platforms.

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